The Griffin Ranch

The Griffin Ranch Vision

In our vision we focus on three principles: 1. Care of the land, 2. Nature, and 3. People. These three principles encapsulates the vision we also share for the Ocala National Forest and surrounding areas. We believe our most precious resources are the local heritage, the natural resources and the domestic and local wild life. We also believe that the wisest utilization of our ranch and surrounding areas is through the development of ecotourism. This benefits our guests, the rural community, and enriches our natural wildlife and equine

Let Me Introduce Myself

I am Carl Griffin ,the owner of The Griffin Ranch .. Myself and staff are committed to providing  you ,our guest with a meaningful old Florida experience . You will be introduced to a by gone era of the old south that has escaped many of our feelings and times shared .. Having been raised in the old south and being one of the original families in Florida from the 1600’s I do have a lot to share .. Every day at the ranch offers pleasant surprises and as a working ranch you will not be disappointed ..

My weekdays are usually spent in Orlando at my law practice .. After my years in the Coast Guard both overseas and in Florida as well as my law enforcement days as a State Trooper and Police Officer, I attended Memphis state for my Law Degree.. I have been practicing since 1991 ..

My years in Florida have provided me with many different experiences that I share with my staff and guests that come to the ranch as you may have seen at my Out Of Ocala web page. We offer several different types of wilderness classes .. So while at the ranch do not hesitate to ask the question or see if there is a class in the near future that may interest you … I do spend many hours on research and experiments so that all the new information I share is qualified and proven unlike other schools..

Cabin in the woods

When you find a special place in the Forest  .. than make it your Cabin In The Woods for a get-a-way weekend that you will not forget … With all of the modern updates that are so wonderful this 2 bedroom ,  2 and a half bath home works well for the special couple who would enjoy the privacy of shared times together or the family who would like to enjoy spreading out and having the room to kick back and relax ..

Recent surveys have found that couples who get away for 3 or more weekends a year have three important improvements in their relationship..

First : They share on a much closer romantic level. The  levels that they shared were richer and more intense than the  couples who did not get-away on romantic weekends…

Second: Couples share on a deeper and more intimate level of communication than those who do not get out and stay at home ..

Third: Parents with children found that they enjoyed a new shared independence with their children that they did not have prior to the weekends out and away from the normal home routine … This new shared independance allowed the couple to focus more time on each other …


For couples who like to have a new shared closeness with each other I recommend the quaint historic Marjorie K. Rawlings Cottage .. With its epic brass bed , hand made quilts ,old majestic claw foot tub or a shower for two  , it spells romance with closeness and new shared feelings to last forever.. All of the cottages have old tin roofs and sit far back into the country , with front porches to prop up your  city road worn boots ..

In addition many of our couples enjoy A  specially prepared meal in our private cafe. Your table for two is enhanced with candle light and soft music over the Bose Sound System.. We will surprise you as our foods go past the ordinary to the level of any fine culinary restaurant you can name .. put us to the test if you like .. Our menu is always based off what is fresh in the Market as well as your special requests .. Like the meal you had on your first date or the meal shared when he proposed to you..or one that is special for the two of you…. No favorite, than let me create one for you, a new time.. a new tradition .. All of this for 79 dollars  per night in the Cottage with a two night minimum stay .. Memories to last forever and a day …

We would like to thank Josh Turner and Writer Mark Eugene Nestler along with Universal Inc.. ,Little Lola Mae Music for producing one of the top hits of the year The wonderful song that sets the stage for you at The Griffin Ranch,  Lay Low / Josh Turner