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Out of Ocala at The Griffin Ranch Presents Back Kountry Survival at Class Room In The Wild



Whats Up at Out of Ocala this weekend? We were prepping for the Scouts from Saint James out of Orlando.  What they don’t know is what is in store for their great weekend with us at The Griffin Ranch.  The classroom is ready and the campsite is waiting patiently –  more patiently than me!   The Scouts will be arriving around 11:00 am. We will first open up the class by going over foods that can go into the wild without  refrigeration, as they are bringing in a lunch with one item that needs to be rehydrated with hot water.  What a great way to get them from the start!  I go over the areas of food and conserving calories and the importance of keeping water in the body…then on to the  Seven Priorities of Survival – going over them while providing hands on training.

During the last few weeks, I have had two snakes that I have worked on for two other classes . One was a water moccasin, and the second, a Rattlesnake that was killed by a neighbor.  The skins are ready for the final process of tanning.  The Scouts will get to experience the procedure that renders the skin for mounting or making into a hat band.  In addition, they will be cooking over the open fire, with Patricia doing a new procedure that we have developed for simple baking over the fire with foraged materials.  Have you ever thought of seasoning the foods with items you see along the trail?  We do all the time and turn good campfire meals into culinary favorites –  old  secrets and lost  tricks the Ocali Indians used.  We will dress out a few fish for the Scouts and allow them some hands on experience with how to catch, clean, dress out and cook fresh fish.

The walking stick class may be one of my favorites. One of those go to items any camper, hiker or survivalist should not be with out on the trail especially in Florida .  I have used one in my travels throughout the world and have found them to be my go to item only second to my knife.  I have used it to open up the pathway from unfriendly plants to those huge Banana Spiders that seem to know how tall you are and that you will be on that path.  Head high it is easy to simply push up the web and walk under.  In addition I have forged many streams and checked soil thickness for walking, can be used as a tent pole and gear rack, to name a few uses. In addition I carry a nice little knife that doubles as a spear point that fits on the end for easy conversion  for  hunting or self defense … and so many more uses.

The Orange Springs POW WOW is one of those great treats that they will share in as well . What a learning experience.  Our true brothers and sisters.  Did I ever share that I studied with one of the Lacota medicine women and have worked to ensure that the rights of our American brother and sister are always protected.  In doing so I was named White Bear . When you take one of our classes at the Ranch you will know why they so named me White Bear.

OK Scouts…Be prepared as I am ready for you.  One of the best weekends of your life is coming up .. One to remember and one to set you on your way to true self sufficiency  in the Back Kountry.

Well , they made it in and what a weekend they had .. weather dropped to 32 degrees and the scouts hung in for the full weekend .. way to go!!! The walking sticks were a big hit and so were the meals .. should have some great pics coming up in a few days..