Knowledge Is The Key To Survival.

Henry David Thoreau 1854

We Do Not Teach Any Part Of “Can’t” – Everything Has Its Beauty, But Not Everyone Can See It……


The first 6 minutes – sometimes  even less, is your most critical period in any survival, rescue or disaster situation.  Our class, instruction and hands on experiences will be instrumental in preparing you to survive an urban or natural disaster.  With a small investment on your part – two days of your time and $200 – you will be professionally and personally educated on methods to survive and/or extract yourself from life-threatening situations.                                        

Two important factors that will decrease, reduce or control fear are:       (1)  Have confidence in your abilities and any equipment you may have or be able to make.  (2)  Being aware of your situation and the steps necessary to extract yourself from it.       The “Seven Enemies of Survival”  are Pain, Cold, Thirst, Hunger, Fatigue, Boredom and Loneliness.  These “Seven Enemies of Survival” can distract you from your immediate goals and priorities as well as they are difficult to overcome and concentrate on the tasks at hand…We cover in detail the “Seven Priorities of Survival” as taught by the Navy SERE Program as well as the Air force SERE Courses….We also incorporate the Native peoples (early Seminoles and Ocala Indians) ways and how they have handled and overcome the “Sevens” for hundreds of years .

Wilderness Forage - Cooking Course

In our progressive modern era, knowledge of how to track and trail has been lost, yet it is now more  important than ever if we are to understand the wildlife we wish to conserve. This 2-day course is a practical introduction to tracking taught by instructors who know the importance of how to teach and practice this skill set.  You will learn to identify the species of animals from the tracks they leave behind…the approximate age of the animal…how much time has elapsed since the tracks were left…the species of animal leaving the track, etc.

The Wildlife Tracking & Nature Awareness Course

This outdoor skills course spans a range of specialized knowledge and skill-sets about how to survive in the wild. Carefully designed for maximizing the transferal of skill and knowledge, this course is suitable for both novice and experienced alike. Specialized courses permit focused study, highlighting the importance and relevance of specific interest areas within the study of bush craft.  These courses enjoy the atmosphere of the out-door classroom combined with practical hands on  learning experiences.

Advanced Outdoor Skills

This two-day introduction to bush craft and wilderness survival skills provides a solid foundation for the study of wilderness lifestyles. The course  covers core wilderness survival skills, enabling the novice or even the more experienced to firmly grasp fundamental bush craft skill-sets, while  exploring the secrets of the back-country as native people did some hundreds of years ago, but with some of the more proven modern techniques.

The Wilderness Course

Backwoods/trail cooking is a fundamental part of wilderness bush craft. This 2-day course utilizes a myriad of backwoods and traditional cooking techniques that can be adapted and applied to your own circumstances. The Wilderness Forager focuses on methods for cooking seafood  and wild plants. You will be able to identify at least 10 edible wild plants, the purpose of  each and any medicinal uses. You will know the old ways that our early native people survived for hundreds of years by just walking out and gathering all the necessities to meet each day’s needs. We will also explore William Bartram and his travels and early discoveries while traversing the many back country areas of the Ocala Forest. This is by far one of the  most popular and rewarding two day course you can ever be a part of.

Wilderness Cooking and Food Prep

In the  Wilderness Cooking  course you will learn  how to manage fires for cooking, make improvised ovens  as well as using vegetation to cook with. Our course will focus on early native methods of food preparation, gatherings, storage and preparation skills. We will teach methods of catching and preparation of wild game to include skinning and dressing, along with the use of natural seasonings found within a few feet of your campsite. There will be a one hour session on the techniques developed by George Washington Sears, better known by most as Nessmuk.  He spent years traveling Florida and the Adirondacks developing and writing for Field And Stream. Please note that we do not kill any animals for the course,  however, we will have many opportunities to have hands on training, by special request, in the preparation of wild game meat.  The courses combine trail methods, backwoods techniques, expedition considerations and the forager’s wild kitchen recipes.

Tool Workshop

A 2-day course  learning to use bush craft knives, axes and methods of making  the tools of the backwoods. While out in the wilderness, there is nothing that can be more useful than a bowl or spoon.  In addition, you can make hanging cooking implements.  The tools and implements are only limited by your imagination.

The Slingshot and Bow

When you find yourself in the back-country without any means of self protection, or to hunt for small game, than the bow and sling shot are by far two of the best weapons you can build out of items found in the wooded areas.

Wilderness on Horseback

At Out Of Ocala, we offer the only horseback survival class in the Southeast.  The Griffin Ranch is the perfect setting for this class, as it offers iconic landscapes and a way of life from a by-gone era where the frontier spirit still holds strong.  Our 30 acre facility is an intimate working ranch where guests are welcomed as members of the family.  The common areas on the Ranch lend to the comfort and enjoyment of your experience.  You will learn techniques and methods to handle the unexpected situations that can arise – either to you or to your horse.  Many of our advanced classes/rides are true adventures where you and your horse are taken deep into the wilds of the Ocala National Forest. You will share in top notch training and survival techniques, as well as an awesome riding adventure!  One of the many basic techniques that we will be working with is  natural horsemanship – working with horses by appealing to their natural herd instincts.  You and your horse will form a partnership which is derived from the relationships that exist between horses in their social groups.  By special request, the day trips can be extended to overnight rides where you will experience camping under the stars or the use of tents.  You must attend the Basic Skills Course prior to an overnight ride.

At Out Of Ocala, we don’t just tell you what to do, we let you practice the techniques and skills. We concentrate on being able to do the skills as well as  having the knowledge to perform any of the techniques required to extract yourself. Building your knowledge in your abilities to handle emergency situations will give you the confidence to protect yourself and your family.