Pay It Forward Weekend

The Three Three Things That Should Be Done Every Day :
Do Something For God
Do Something For Some One Else
Do Something For Yourself
and at the end of the year see what you have done for so many ….

~ My Uncle Joseph Brown

One of our strongest and most valued goals of  The Griffin Ranch is to give back.  I also feel as a professional it is my responsibility to give back as well.  I have always lived with a Pay it Forward approach to life.  It may have started with two wonderful men in my life at a very young age…one was Mr. Katnack and the other is my Uncle Brownie… two self made men who shared many secrets of life with me. .. One of which is to every day do something for some one else .

We know that there are families who cannot afford having a weekend or more with us to take forward as one of life’s defining moments.  So this is what we are willing to do…a True half off our fees…AND  if you are sponsored by a church or other qualified group, we will, in addition, do another half off…making it one of the truest 50% off savings with any class in the United States.  So, if your group of 4 was to cost $800.00  for a two day weekend class, then you would only  pay $400.00.  If  sponsored by a church or qualified group, then I would only charge for half the students attending. .. making it $200.00 for the weekend for the four in your family. What a deal!  Now as Paul Harvey use to say ” The Rest of the Story”.  On Sunday we will have a 2 hour project. All in your group will undertake to give back to someone else.   I always  have pre-arranged and approved projects that need our help.  So if you wish to be a part of this give back weekend then please contact us at OUT of Ocala .. I will make it special for you and your family and you can help to make it special for some one else…